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How Much Does Scaling and Root Planing Cost?

September 21, 2021

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Patient learning about scaling and root planing cost

If you have mild to moderate gum disease in Mayfield Heights, your dentist might recommend that you undergo a procedure known as scaling and root planing. This nonsurgical deep cleaning of the mouth can remove harmful bacteria and give your gums an opportunity to heal. As beneficial as it is, however, you might hesitate to schedule an appointment for it if you are concerned about cost. Fortunately, most patients find that it is quite affordable. Let’s talk about some factors that can affect scaling and root planing cost and discuss how you can save money on treatment.

The Extent of the Treatment

Whereas a normal dental cleaning is a full-mouth treatment, scaling and root planing is more targeted. You may just need it performed on a few teeth throughout your mouth. Typically, preventive scaling and root planing is charged per tooth or per quadrant of your mouth (and according to how many teeth in each quadrant are being treated). Scaling and root planing for maintenance (after your initial treatment) might come at one flat price for the entire mouth.

Dentists and periodontists (gum health specialists) have the authority to set their own prices for treatment, so it is difficult to say here how much your procedure might cost. Typically, though, scaling and root planing for the entire mouth can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars.

Your Insurance Coverage

Insurance policies vary greatly in their coverage of scaling and root planing. Usually, because periodontal therapy is considered necessary for oral health, insurance covers at least a portion of the cost. Some policies, however, do not cover it. You will have to check the details of your unique policy to see how it applies.


It isn’t standard practice to use sedation for scaling and root planing. However, if your gums are extra sensitive, it is difficult for you to get numbed, or you are nervous about your treatment, sedation might be necessary for you. There are different types of sedation, and each type comes with its own unique price. Nitrous oxide sedation provides mild but noticeable benefits, and it tends to be quite affordable.

Save Money by Caring for Your Gums

Here are a few ways to keep your out-of-pocket costs as low as possible:

  • Seek treatment as soon as you notice that your gums are not as healthy as they should be. The worse the problem becomes, the more costly it may be to treat.
  • Do your best to prevent gum disease by keeping up with oral hygiene and visiting your general dentist twice a year for cleanings and checkups. Insurance usually covers these visits at 100%.
  • Let your periodontist know if you are concerned about cost. You might be eligible for financing.

You shouldn’t let concerns about cost hold you back from getting necessary treatment. It might be easier to afford scaling and root planing than you think!

Meet the Periodontist

Dr. Jonathan Ross is a highly skilled periodontist who is always looking to better himself through continuing education. He sets reasonable prices for all of his services, including scaling and root planing. To learn more about Dr. Ross and our practice, contact our office at 440-461-6008.

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